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Adelaide Speed Date - About Us

Since having our first Speed Dating event here in Adelaide in early 2005 we have quickly built a solid reputation for quality, well organised events. Nearly half of all new registered members have been referred by a friend or family member!

With the success of Adelaide we have now expanded and have franchises running in every major city of Australia. Although this can be more time consuming, we are still based here in Adelaide where we continue to keep a firm grasp on the running of the business. We take great pride in our events, where we still like to be "hands on" and continue to host our own events. With well over 300 Speed Dating events between us through out Australia you can relax knowing that your Adelaide Speed Dating experience will be a memorable one.

Customer service still remains our top priority here at Adelaide Speed Date with peace of mind knowing that we are only a quick email or phone call away, before or after an event.