Speed Dating Australia


First step is to REGISTER with us on our Adelaide Speed Dating Registration Page. Once we have your details you will receive an email with details of upcoming Speed Dating events in your age group. Simply check your diary for the most convenient date and book in.

Now comes the nervous part, waiting for the day to come and not knowing what to expect. We hear it all the time from people coming to their first Speed Date. Once you arrive at the venue, check out all the other speed-daters and get into your first "Speed Date" you will wonder what all the concern was ever about....

The night begins with a quick run-down of the night's procedures by your friendly Adelaide Speed Date team. How the rotations work, scorecards etc. From here guys and girls are individually paired up at separate tables before the "Speed Dating" begins. You will have approx 6 minutes with each member of the opposite sex before a 30 second warning bell rings. Simply tick either a "yes" or "no" on your scorecard as to whether you would like to catch up with that person again before a second bell rings and guys rotate to the next table for the next round of "Speed Dates". Please keep in mind you can tick "yes" to as many people as you like.

We will have two breaks through out the evening. This is a good time to go over your scorecards or to catch up with the people you have clicked with, you will be surprised just how quickly six minutes can go! At each Adelaide Speed Dating Event you will receive hot nibbles and a complimentary drink. These are brought out in each individual break.

We finish up around 10:20 when each guy has met every girl. From there all the scorecards are handed to the two hosts for the MATCHING process. A "Match" consists of two people ticking "yes" to each other on their scorecards. Contact details of your Matches will be sent to you the very next day. Knowing that person has already shown interest in you makes the first phone call much easier!

So there is a basic guide to an Adelaide Speed Dating Event. Its fast, its fun, its guaranteed to work. So what have you got to lose?

We look forward to meeting you soon....